About Boost

Let us work with you to effectively communicate with your audience and grow your business

What we do

Boost Strategic Coaching navigates alongside you through areas of business development including sales, marketing, and branding. We guide you through clear strategy and tactical implementation to ensure you get a maximum return on your effort. We also give you the tools you need to create a measurable and manageable system for business development.

Why we do it

You face many choices in deciding how to communicate with your audience. We know how frustrating it is to put time and money in to marketing and not get the results you expect. Boost Strategic Coaching wants to get your business firing on all cylinders because we are driven by our clients’ success. We know that “throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks” is not the way you want to run your business. A Boost coach can offer outside perspective and objectivity as well as someone to keep you on track and accountable as you run and grow your business.

Who we work with

Boost works with a select group of business owners and professionals. Boost clients are not defined by the size of their business; some are solopreneurs, some own multi-million dollar corporations and some are professionals faced with the task of building their book of business among fierce competition. The common thread between them is their desire to take business to the next level; they know they can be more and do more but need some support in getting there.  They are not afraid of hard work, and they want to know that they are focusing their precious time and energy on the activities will bring them closer to their goals.

Available now! Hands-On Marketing: The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Advertising & Branding

Daria’s book dives into what any small business owner needs to know to navigate their advertising and branding. The phrase “when it comes to advertising, I throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks” is uttered by small local business owners the world over. Most of the advertising resources available are written for big brands with big budgets, and are focused solely on online strategies. Hands-On Marketing is the confused business owner’s guide to advertising with purpose, offering unique insight into both online and traditional advertising options available to you in your advertising toolbox. This book is an information guide and workbook designed to help you figure out which tools to choose to get the job done for your business. The included Action Plan will guide you through creating a customized strategy for your business.

Written with real-life examples and stories, Hands-On Marketing will give you new insight and inspire you to tell your story proudly, whether you are brand new to business or a seasoned veteran.

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Meet Daria Malin

Daria Malin is the owner of Boost Strategic Coaching and author of the book Hands-On Marketing; The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Advertising and Branding.  Daria is an advisor who works alongside business owners and professionals to line up their sales, marketing, and branding.  She becomes the “co-pilot”  in their business as they work toward their goals, becoming a trusted source of support, guidance, and accountability. Daria spent almost 20 years, in media advertising, holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan, and is a graduate of The Wizard Academy Nontraditional Business School in Austin, Texas.