Our Coaching Model

The Boost Coaching Program is focused on implementing effective business development practices and marketing strategy to solidify your position in the market and grow your business. Under this model, your coach will become your “co-pilot” in your business as you work toward your goals, becoming a trusted source of support, guidance, and accountability.

The confidential one-on-one coaching program follows a retainer-based model which includes monthly 1-hour coaching sessions (done on the phone) and support time in between. There is no minimum or maximum length of engagement.  The coaching continues until goals have been achieved and the client does not need to go any further, measurable results are not being met, or the relationship is not working for one of the parties.

Your coach will:

  • Work with you to set your goals and develop your plan
  • Provide you with the tools you will need to achieve your objectives throughout your work and career
  • Guide you through the proper application of the tools
  • Offer accountability and course-correct when required

You will work with a coach with experience and proven success in their area of expertise.

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