Group Training and Workshops

Invite us to facilitate group training and workshops and engage you and your team in the process. Boost Coaching offers workshops in branding, advertising, and sales.

Some of our most popular workshops:

Clarity in Marketing

Clarity is the foundation of a successful sales and marketing strategy.  To save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in misdirected marketing efforts it is important to put the work in up front to make sure you’re clear on what you are offering.  Otherwise you present a muddled message and it will be lost on those who should be buying from you.  In this workshop we will focus on understanding exactly what it is you’re selling, exactly why people will want to buy, and where to find those clients.

Advertising 101

Advertising is often an overwhelming area of business. Business owners don’t know how to use advertising, which advertising works, how to budget for it, or how to ensure they get a return on investment. In this workshop, you will get an insider’s look at how advertising really works, how to use it to your advantage, and other points you may not have heard before. If you are advertising or considering advertising at some point, this is a session you definitely don’t want to miss.

Building a Bulletproof Reputation

In our increasingly competitive and technologically connected business world, it is more important than ever to take steps to control and manage your professional reputation both online and off.  Client referrals, repeat business, judgment on your abilities and access to opportunities are hugely influenced by your reputation, but most people do not take the necessary steps to control the story that is being told.  In this session, we will touch on a list of simple steps you can take to get your personal brand and professional reputation tuned up.

The Missing Sales Foundation – Understanding the Importance of Niche Markets

All sales success starts with understanding the markets you’re going after. The reason that people don’t get results from their sales efforts is they haven’t put enough time in understanding and identifying the markets they fit with. In this session, we will examine how to identify a niche market, ensure that it is valid, and work through the steps to take to understand it prior to implementing the rest of your strategies.  This one fundamental component is what you will build the rest of your sales strategy on.  If your sales efforts are not bringing the results you are expecting, this is a must-see seminar.

Starting over…..again

Women will throughout their professional career face situations where a restart is required. Whether it be going back to school, the birth of a child, the death of a parent, marriage or divorce, or changing of career.  Daria Malin has taken three mat leaves, cared for an aging parent, restarted her advertising career three times and built a business.  She has a 10-step process she follows each and every time that not only resets her course but has created stronger results each and every time.  In this one-hour presentation, rediscover the resilience that every professional woman has but very often forgets to use.

9 Steps to a Strategic Plan

The most successful companies in the world have one thing in common; they have a plan.  Not a vague pie-in-the-sky vision but a step-by-step workable, measurable plan.  When executed properly, a strategic plan becomes the guiding force in a company’s bottom line revenue.  When it’s missing, the company has no process to follow therefore it’s difficult to manage and measure business decisions.  In this session, Daria will cover the nine steps to building a strategic plan for your business.  If you feel like you have been navigating without a compass, this is a session you will want to take.


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